Un peu díhistoire


The hamlet of Villelongue is rich in history, thanks to the Cistercian monks who settled there during the 12th century and built an abbey, The remains of which can still be seen and visited today.

In the 17th century the procedure for appointing abbots changed ; they were no longer elected by their peers but appointed by the king of France. As he was not necessarily an cleric, the abbot no longer had the rigth, under Cistercian rule, to reside whithin the boundaries of the abbey. The building of the abbot's mansion was necessary to provide him with a place of residence during his stays at Villelongue.

At the time of the 1789 revolution, the Cistercian estates of Villelongue were sold at auction and bought by a doctor from Saissac, who at his death in 1816, bequeathed the abbey to his nephew who was a priest, while his niece received the abbot's mansion. Thus the Domaine de Villelongue originated, four families owned it in succession, the present owners, the Marcoul family, having lived there since 1938.